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Paternity & the Military

One would hope that the birth of a child is a happy event for all involved. In some cases, there are issues regarding the paternity of the infant that can create a situation for a member of the military in Florida. When a mother of a child claims you are the father of the child, you have several options. Of course you can acknowledge paternity, sign the necessary legal forms and have the birth certificate of the infant updated by the State of Florida. In some cases, the individual is unsure whether they are in fact the father of the child, and this could require DNA testing take place to ensure that you are in fact the genetic parent of the infant or child. It is strongly advised that you contact a Florida military paternity attorney to assist you in solving the legal aspects of a paternity case.

Military Paternity Cases in Florida: Hutchinson Law Can Help

It is required by both military codes and Florida statutes that if you are the parent of a child that you must assist in the support of the child's upbringing. When there is doubt about the actual paternity of the child, it can create a huge problem for the individual who is named as the father of the child, and in some cases, legal actions have been taken against the individual before they are even aware that they have a child. These actions can include garnishment of pay, which can be effected through the channels of the Armed Forces.

If you are involved in a case regarding paternity, it is crucial that you get legal assistance from the legal team at Hutchinson Law. The firm has helped countless members of the military in Florida with family law matters, including paternity and divorce, as well as child support and other family law matters. As the firm is well-versed in the Federal codes that relate to members of the military, as well as the Florida statutes regarding paternity, you know that your best interests will be protected by the lawyer.

Contact a Florida Military Paternity Lawyer from Hutchinson Law if you are facing a paternity case and need legal representation that is familiar with military and state laws regarding child support, paternity and the military.

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